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  • Name of Company: Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd
  • About the Company: Our journey started way back in the 1950’s. Our founder Shri. Ramlal Agarwal was a renowned expert in identification and collection of herbs. He was fascinated by the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic medicine. His keen interest in herbs and the love for animals initiated research on how these herbs could be useful in treating animals. This led to the beginning of an exciting chapter of herbal medicines in the Animal Health Care industry. This legacy was continued by his son Shri. R.K. Agarwal by setting up a small scale R&D facility in Bangalore in 1970 , to fuel the rigorous research. We integrated traditional knowledge of herbs and modern science for creating breakthrough products to meet emerging challenges in human and animal health care industry
    As our business started expanding, it fostered the need for a bigger and better research facility. In 1996, our existing R&D center was transformed into a best-in-class facility with modern technology and latest lab instruments.
    Modern Outlook:
    In 1998, under the active leadership of our current CEO Mr. Anurag Agarwal, this organization was rechristened as Natural Remedies and got transformed into a professionally managed organization. We stepped into the human health care business in 2000.
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  • Address: Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd Plot No. 5B, Veerasandra Industrial Area, 19th K.M. Stone, Hosur Rd, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Product Info

  • Category: Topical Wound Care
  • Name: Topicure++
  • Brief description: TOPICURE ++ is a New Generation Wound Healer for treating different wounds in animals and is very effective in delayed wound healing cases like infected wounds and maggot wounds . It bring RWR i.e. Rapid Wound Repair in wounds due to presence of phytoactives that penetrates skin rapidly and heals the wounds rapidly.

  • Category: Feed Supplements
  • Name: Glucaboost
  • Brief description: About the product: Instant Energizer for Faster Recovery in Energy Deficient Animals. Gives instant energy to animals suffering from all nutritional deficiency conditions and supports in maintaining normal glucose level.

  • Category: Anti Infectives
  • Name: Involon DS
  • Brief description: About the product: Involon DS is a Scientific Tonic For Complete Uterine Care. It is a unique combination of phytochemical actives that tones up the uterus for better postpartum reproductive performance.

  • Category: Feed Supplements
  • Name: SpeedUp
  • Brief description: SPEED-UP is a specialty nutritional formula for cows and buffalos. It contains ionic calcium, magnesium, selenium, and energy. SPEED-UP makes available calcium to cow/buffalo speedily. It can be used to prevent hypocalcemia in the peripartum period and as a follow-up therapy in milk fever.