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We represent more than 65,000 Veterinarians at all India level.

The Indian Veterinary Association also known as IVA is the only and the largest family of Veterinarians acting as voice of all at all India level. Also, we represent more than 65,000+ Veterinarians across the country with state veterinary associations affiliated to it. Below is the list of Indian Veterinary Association Life Members. All members of the Association shall be entitled to attend conferences, Conventions, seminars, symposia and General Body Meeting. Hence, to know the Benefits of IVA Membership


Sr No Name M. No.
1 Dr. Chirantan Kadian IVA/HR/1/2019
2 Dr. Ashwani Kumar IVA/HR/2/2019
3 Dr. Vijay Kumar IVA/HR/3/2019
4 Dr. Ajit Singh IVA/HR/4/2019
5 Dr. Rajendrakumar IVA/GJ/5/2019
6 Dr. Anilkumar IVA/GJ/6/2019
7 Dr. Mohit Malik IVA/HR/7/2019
8 Dr. Snehal IVA/GJ/8/2019
9 Dr. Hasmukhkumar IVA/GJ/9/2019
10 Dr. Jitendra Prasad IVA/BR/10/2019